• 17-08-2016

    The project results have been published in THL report series

  • 04-02-2016

    INSULAtE-project has officially ended on 31 December 2015.


How does indoor environment change when energy efficiency of a building is improved?

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is influenced by ventilation, thermal conditions, and indoor air pollutants such as particles, microbes, chemical impurities, and radon.

INSULAtE-project aims to demonstrate how energy improvements impact on these indoor environmental parameters, and to develop a protocol for assessment of the impacts. In the first Phase, case study measurements were be performed in Finland and Lithuania, including about 20 multi-family buildings per country (about 200 apartments). In the second Phase, the assessment was extended in a total of 43 multi-family buildings in Finland.


Project information

Project title is "Improving energy efficiency of housing stock: impacts on indoor environmental quality and public health in Europe" (acronym INSULAtE). The project duration is 1.9.2010 - 31.12.2015. Project is co-financed by EU Life+ -funding (project Life number: LIFE09 ENV/FI/000573), which covers 50% of the 1,85 million Euros budget. Part of the funding comes from Finnish Energy Industries.